Sunday, 29 January 2012

I can't believe you made that cake

After last weeks Sunday dessert being a skinny tart, I thought I would go to the extreme the following week by making a chocolate cake, with frosting and chocolate fingers for decoration. I watched Lorraine Pascale make this cake last April on her show, Baking made easy and was impressed on how simple the recipe looked. I decided not to use the chocolate cigarellos as they would cost over £20, not worth it when I could buy three packets of fingers for £1 each (thanks Asda).
I didn't take pictures of the pre baking stage, as I was unsure whether it will turn out ok. Luckily for my very sweet taste buds, it did. The recipe for "I can't believe you made that cake" can be found here: I can't believe you made that cake.

Cake with the chocolate frosting.

Chocolate cake with the three packets of milk/white chocolate fingers.

The finished cake, the fruit counts as one of my five a day !
The next thing to make from Baking Made Easy is the prosciutto and fig pizza, yum


  1. That looks amazing! Good idea about using the choc fingers, I'll probably do the same when I bake this :)


  2. It was beautiful, I just ate way too much of it ! A weight watchers dessert next Sunday I think !

  3. What a beautiful cake! really stunning
    mary x

  4. Thanks, it's a shame it wasn't low fat. I had so many slices x

  5. Your cake looks great - I would prefer choccy fingers to cigarillos any day!


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