Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blondies and Quadruple chocolate loaf.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my three week break from university, moping around in my wonzie, drinking several cups of coffee a day and attempting to finish of my 12,000 word dissertation. But what really lifted my spirits is another opportunity/excuse to bake another tray bake to share with my uni amigos. I find that I can easily become fascinated with my latest new book, marking out recipes only to do the same in 30 days time (when I get paid) which means I do not get the full opportunity to enjoy the book. I looked at my bookshelves and Nigella's kitchen appealed to me. As I have mentioned in a previous first post this Nigella's kitchen was my first Nigella book, thus holding a special place in my heart. I have made one other tray bake in this book, the treacle slice, but thought I would attempt to make blondies. I've never tasted a blondie before but surely I couldn't go wrong with white brownies.
Here is how my blondies turned out

The stages of making blondies were very easy (as with most of Nigella's recipes)
Blondies mixture, the 1tablespoon of mixture tasted lovely!

Blondie awaiting to be cooked.

Cooked and ready to be eaten

I also made Nigella's quadruple chocolate loaf from my latest Nigella purchase, Feasts. I wish I could say the loaf turned out fantastic. In truth it was my fault as I did not let the cake cool when attempting to take it out the tin, leaving the loaf to crumble. The cake turned tasted lovely, moist, luxurious and rich. I will definitely make this loaf again but let it cool and not be so eager to eat!. The recipe can be found here: Quadruple chocolate loaf.
Here is how my chocolate loaf turned out
I've learnt it's always good to share my bakes as it tends to cheer everyone up.

I am entering the blondies to Maison cupcake and will probably enter more as I will be cooking from her Feasts and Kitchen (date steak for one, anyone?!).
I am entering the quadruple chocolate loaf to mikes baking


  1. I really like your blog!! It´s very nice and cute.
    All the recipes and post, are both very interesting :D
    I´m your new follower!
    I invite you to visit my blog, I hope you like it.
    xoxoxo from Spain

  2. Thanks Jana, my computer is playing up so was unable to join today, but will try to tomorrow. I managed to like your blog on facebook. I managed to convert your blog into English and loving your kings roscon, mushroom bites and individual chicken with honey mustard. Gracias


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