Monday, 6 February 2012

Coffee cream eclairs and weight watchers lemon meringue pie

I thought I'd share my last two Sunday desserts. These desserts could not be more different if I tried, rich coffee cream eclairs and low fat, low calorie lemon meringue pie. I did not intend to make eclairs to begin with, oh no, I had my eyes set on attempting the Jo Wheately, rather flamboyant limoncello and white chocolate croquembouche from the Great British Bake Off for my Sunday dessert. The plan was to make the profiteroles in the week, freeze, defrost on Sunday and then assemble. Unfortunately with an ever nearing dissertation deadline i felt out of my depth recreating this masterpiece so settled on eclairs which I thought would be easier. How wrong was I? It was easy in the sense of making the pastry piping etc, but had to make in two batches due to me popping out and it was all very rushed. Anyway, my eclairs turned out ok, although next time I would attempt to use the right piping nozzle .....
Here is how my coffee cream eclairs turned out..... it's the first time I have made French patisserie.
I made a Weight Watchers lemon meringue pie, i've never made lemon meringue pie but at 5 points and 300 calories per quarter I thought I would try this out. I made the pastry first (using a cake tin and not a flan tin as my flan tin was far to big for a very small weight watchers pie.

A very unappetising mixture
Low fat meringue pie
This pie looks nothing like say a Nigella lemon meringue pie but I suppose it is low fat so I can hardly moan about the appearance.


  1. I bet it tasted good! I don't think Nigella counts points!! looks lovely :)
    Mary x

  2. Yeah it tasted good, but as I've tasted a lemon meringue pie before I have nothing to compare it too. I'll have to make a full fat version soon to compare and contrast x

  3. Great British Bake off <3 What a programme! I have the Celebrity one +1'd on Sky. Still need to get Lorraine P. book, birthday coming up and is on the wish list :) S x

  4. Love Lorraine's first book, have only cooked/baked the chicken teryaki, cod with chroizo, 21st century bread and white chocolate brownies from her new book. I'm making her creamy pancetta pasta in two weeks time.

  5. I adore Eclairs but have never made my own. The Lemon Meringue looks good :)



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