Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Old fashioned chocolate cake

Happy Valentines day! I first discovered this cake after watching Nigella feasts on youtube, an episode that focused entirely on chocolate. As i've stated before I love chocolate, but wondered what made this cake different the chocolate cakes i've made before? The only difference I identified is the sour cream ingredient, which adds moisture to this cake. Making the cake was easy and simple, a lot like all of Nigella's other recipes. As I made this the week coming up to Valentines day I decided on using my new heart shape tins and decorate the cake with some refreshing strawberries. The recipe for Nigella's old fashioned chocolate cake can be found here: old fashioned chocolate cake. I really enjoyed eating four slices from this decadent cake, after eating all my healthy food in the week.

Am not sure how many weight watchers points this cake has but the strawberry has 1 point!

My cakes out of the tin and cooling.

My cake after I applied the chocolate icing.

This is another entry I will be submitting to Maison cupcake for the Forever Nigella blog hop http://blog.maisoncupcake.com/forever-nigella-12/ .



  1. Un pastel magnifico!!
    Que sencilla y que buena :D
    Feliz dia de San Valentín.
    Un besito linda!

  2. Not sure what you meant, but thanks for commenting x

  3. Charlene, I'm Spanish and have translated Jana's comment.
    "Magnificent cake, simple and good. Happy Valentines Day."

    I love Nigella's Old Fashioned Cake, I've baked it before and it's always been a hit. Yours looks beautiful and the heart shape is perfect for today.


  4. It looks beautiful and decadent as a heart cake :)

  5. Thanks, thought I better use my new heart tins. This is probably one of the best chocolate cakes i've made in a long time x


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