Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Weight watchers cook smart family food review.

I have probably mentioned in my previous blogs that I am following weight watchers (not the pro plus points, haven't had time to research that) points in order to lose some weight for my 25th birthday. I'm all for healthy eating but my biggest downfall is I love cakes and bakes etc. This cook smart family food book offers great low fat and tasty alternatives for high calorie food which ensures the weight is kept off (or lost). I have cooked several of these recipes, possibly more so than any other of my books this year so far and so far i've lost 10 pounds in 9 weeks. I have my eye on the weight watchers cook smart baking cook book which should be interesting as it will offer low fat alternatives to triple chocolate brownies (well I can hope can't I ?)
I have recently made their chicken meatballs (didn't taste as bad as it sounds) which came in at 300 calories per serving. I also made their low fat oaty pancakes which was delicious!
Here is how both turned out
Chicken taglitelle

Oaty pancakes with blueberry jam
Anyone who is attempting to lose weight should buy and cook the recipes from  this book. I have cooked the following recipes from this book (many pictures are on my previous posts)
Cinnamon french toast with apricots
Oaty pancakes with blueberry jam
Veggie burgers
Turkey burgers
Fish Goujons
Creamy chicken pasta bake
Sticky pork chops
Vegetable rissotto
Lemon meringue pie
Chocolate refridgerator cake

In the words of Gizzi Erskine "learn to cook clever and stay slim forever" (Phrase from cook yourself thin tv show). I wonder if I will still adhere to this philosophy once i'm 25 ?!


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