Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Chocolate guinness cake

Although I'm attempting to eat healthily (I've lost over a stone now), every now and again I crave a chocoholic treat. What better way of quenching my cravings by diving back into Nigella's feasts cookbook and heading straight to her chocolate hall of fame. I've seen so many variations of this cake, it was almost like I've eaten it before. I can see why this cake is celebrated and one of Nigella's more popular recipes. Firstly, the cake is rich, has a beautiful texture, has spices coming through and is topped of by a wonderful cream cheese frosting. As this is my first time baking this cake I was expecting some flaws, and must say I thought the frosting could have been thicker. Does anyone have any ideas how to make the frosting thicker, if so, please share !
Anyway, here is my version of the chocolate guinness cake turned out:

The recipe can be found here: chocolate guinness cake


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