Saturday, 3 March 2012

Creamy pancetta and mushroom pasta

I first saw Lorraine Pascale"s make this on her Home cooking made easy show and must say I was impressed on how easy it was to make. I decided not to make my own pasta as it"s far easier to buy a packet of tagliatelle from Asda. I've seen different variations from the blogs that I follow version 1, version 2 so decided it was my turn to make this dish.
I decided not to use double cream with my quest to eat healthy so instead made my own cheese sauce (who was I kidding?!). I think using creme fracihe would also be a good substitute for double cream.The pasta turned out to be delicious, my family loved it and I will definitely make this again as it makes a fantastic mid week meal.
Here is how my dish turned out

The recipe for this dish can be found here: 
400g tagliatelle
200g cubed pancetta
175g mushrooms, wiped and finely sliced
225ml double cream or creme fraiche 
75g grated parmesan cheese
Freshly ground black pepper

Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions.

Meanwhile, put the pancetta in a medium pan over a medium to high heat. When it starts to go brown, add the mushrooms and cook for about 2-3 minutes, then add the double cream. Once the cream is hot, add the parmesan and stir together well.

Once the pasta is ready, drain and then return it to the pan. Add the creamy mixture and stir through well. Seaon with some pepper and sprinkle over more grated parmesan.



  1. YUM! can imagine how good this was - lovely ingredients - I'm using creme fraiche more and more these days too!
    mary x

  2. Fabulous!!!
    When do u invite to eat your amazing pasta? lol
    xoxoxo dear :D

  3. I made this using Creme Fraiche and it was actually better than the original recipe in my opinion. Yum yum!


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