Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review - Nigella Lawson Feasts

As i've stated many times before, I discovered Nigella's cooking pretty late in life (only last year). In my defence, I was only 11 when she brought out How to Eat, and not many 11 year olds would want to read a cooking manual. However, I have fallen in love with her Feasts cookbook. Having purchased this book way back in January, I promptly wrote a to cook and too bake list. There are pictures of the recipes on almost every page and the book is sorted out in sections of Feasts such as a chapter on Christmas feasts, chocolate feast and even funeral feasts.
 Some have turned out and looked delicious such as the lamb maharja and crunchy pork chops. Whilst some have been an absolute dissapointment (Georgian roast chicken and rigatoni al forno, I did use taglitelle for the latter). Although the majority of the recipes in this book serve 6-8 plus more for some, I had no problems reducing the quantities to suit 2 or so servings. Some of the pictures of the dishes based on feast have previously been mentioned in my other posts, where as some haven't.
Chocolate Guinness cake- lovely, moist and rich. This cake was very easy to make and one of the most well known chocolate cake from Nigella's feasts cookbook. The recipe can be found here: Chocolate guinness cake.

Crunchy pork chips- another easy to make dish, I also made the garliky spinach and tomato salad to go alongside this lovely dish (p.345).
Finger lickin ribs (p.150), this recipe is quite similar to the ribs that are featured in Nigella's Forever Summer and Kitchen cook book. I marinaded the ribs for several hours before cooking. Another successful dish.
Lamb maharja (p.324), this dish is featured as a prat of a curry feast. I attempted to also make the aloo gobbi, which was a healthy accompaniment to this curry feast.
Old fashioned chocolate cake (p.269).  So luscious, rich and indulgent. I added the strawberries to add 1 of my 5 a day lol. Recipe can be found here: old fashioned chocolate cake.

One pan sage and onion chicken and sausage bake with potato grating and broccoli. I must admit not the most appealing dish, but it tasted lovely. The recipe can be found here: Sage and onion chicken and sausage bake.
One of my favourite feast dishes. Pasta with ham and peas (p.244) so rich (I substituted cream for cream fraiche) - A must for any pastaholic.



  1. Thanks, I think i'm going to buy her How to eat book at the end of the month. Have you got that book Kelly, is it any good?

  2. Will you believe me when I tell you I have yet to cook from this book, the Guinness cake is on the list. Yum. So good to see that you have discovered cooking, i find it most therapeutic these days.

  3. The feast book is fantastic!!! Chocolate Guinness cake is amazing x


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