Monday, 30 July 2012

Lorraine Pascale book review

This is the book that made me appreciate the art of baking and made realise that baking is quite simple.  This has been my favourite cook book purchase of 2011 alongside  Nigella's Kitchen and Gino's Buonissimo.  I remember purchasing it in around April 2011, I did not watch her programme series as I was too busy with my uni work, but I was impressed by her apparent easy baking recipes. Prior to purchasing this book I did not realise that baking was a science; you can't just bung in everything and hope for the best, as I do when making a one pot dish. Anyway, back to the book, I started baking some of her easier traybakes or biscuits recipes - all turned out to be delicious.
Double chocolate cookies
These were very lush, gooey and an easy bake,

Chocolate flapjack
Again a very easy bake, with milk chocolate melted on top.
Shortbread, I shouldn't have picked at the crusts.

Almond cookies, I wasn't that keen on this bake, but am sure it will go down well for almond lovers.

I also made my first non-chcolate cake, after discovering LP's three tier carrot cake. I made this cake for my uni amigos, but only cut it once (a whole cake into two) as I thought it may have been tricky cutting a cake three times. Also, I was unsure what to decorate the cake with and as a novice baker I plonked smarties on the top. If I were to make this cake again I would decorate with walnuts.

I made LP's Italian Genoise mojito cake recently for my dad's birthday and was unsure how a cake with no raising agent could rise? I must admit, I did not follow the recipe the first time (I bunged all the ingredients together in a free standing mixer) which resulted in the cake not rising. I made the cake again the following day and ensured I followed the recipe to the latter. As the mixture volumed up, I knew I was on the right track. Unfortunately I do not have a food processor so I could not ground the pecan nuts (I used Brazil), but I think it still looked good, it certainly tasted amazing !

I have made some savoury bakes from LP's book too. For my uni recall xmas lunch I made lazy sausage rolls. This has to be the easiest recipe ever! Buy some sausages, make some pastry and assemble.

A prefect book for a new baker. 


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