Friday, 20 July 2012

Nigella's No fuss fruit tart

I love Nigella. I know most enthusiastic cooks swear by her books, and I am one of those cooks. Like so many of Nigella's desserts that I have made, I never intended on making this, it just kind of happened. I was actually going to make a sticky toffee put from my BBC Healthy Eats cookbook, but due to the lovely hot weather I thought a summery pudding would be in order. I book marked some of the pavlova recipes in Nigella's Forever Summer cook book, but as I never made pavlova before, I didn't realise the length of time it would require to make.
I remember watching her make this recipe on her Kitchen episodes, and it looked so easy. In fact it is easy to make. I just made the biscuit base, then chilled for a couple of hours, made the topping then chilled, then assembled the fruit on top. I think if I were to make this again I would leave to set a little longer as it did not quite set when I cut the tart. 
Here is how my summer no fuss fruit tart turned out:
I have provided the link to this recipe. I think my next bake/cook from Nigella's Kitchen will be the grasshopper pie or key lime pie, both look delicious.
I'm submitting my picture of this tart to the Forever Nigella organised by Maison Cupcakes, but this month is hosted by cookingcakesandchildren I have submitted some previous entries to the Forever Nigella events, and I am always impressed by the standards of the entries. Have a look at the lovely pictures submitted by other bloggers.



  1. Oh, I don't know - yours looks pretty good :-). great to find another 'Kitchen' fan. I'm thinking of using up my egg whites (faithfully frozen from the Swedish Summer cake that I also linked to the Forever Nigella linky) to make the coffee toffee meringues for a BBQ next saturday...

  2. I've never made the coffee toffee meringues,in fact i've never made meringues before but looking forward to your pictures. I may even attempt to make by the end of this year x

  3. I've been umming and ahhing about the coffee toffee meringues too!

    Your no fuss tart looks beautiful.

  4. Ahh thanks.... I need to make a meringue before the end of the year :-) Looking forward to your blog on Nigella's Forever Summer book :-) x


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