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Cold chicken and ham pie - tea time treats picnic pies.

I've been scouring other food blogs over the last few weeks so that I can participate in more blogging events. Having participated in quite a few Forever Nigella blog hops I discovered Lavender and Lovage blog who hosted this months Forever Nigella Fridge Raider theme. I also discovered that Lavender and Lovage, alongside another blogger What Kate Baked host a monthly blogging event called "Tea time treats" which invites bloggers to participate and share there creations of a themed Tea time treat such as afternoon tea, scones, cakes - all lovely baked goodies which are classed as a tea time treat.

This months theme is picnic pies, and I thought I would certainly have to participate in and make some form of pie which could double up as a picnic treat. I must admit I am no expert on pies, in fact the last pie I made was in December so I thought participating in the Tea time treat challenge would help me develop my pie making skills (or so I thought).  I decided to attempt to make a pie from one of my recent cook book purchases entitled "cook step by step" this is currently available from the book people for £4 (if you are as lucky as me to have the book people come around snap it up). I spotted a recipe for cold chicken and ham pie, which is is fact a pie that should be eaten cold (as in the title recipe). The pictures for the pie looked inviting and the step by step stages made the pie appear to be easy. I thought it would be more resourceful to make the chicken and ham pie and eat it hot for my evening meal, and the following day have a slice cold for lunch with some mixed salad.
Here is how a slice of the chicken and ham pie turned out :

My pie as it should be, cold and a tea time picnic treat.
My pie hot as an evening meal.

I think this is the type of pie that could be carried along to a picnic and eaten on a lovely warm summers day, especially. I certainly think pies should be made only on a weekend as it is a time consuming meal to make, although satisfying and rewarding. To make the pie I first mixed plain flour, butter, and salt into breadcrumbs.
Mixing the core ingredients. 
Once I achieved the breadcrumbs I added water and kneaded to a smooth dough.
Pastry dough.
I rested the pastry for 30 minutes and then began to work on the filling. I cut the chicken and pork chops into small chunks.
Chicken and pork cut into chunks.
I then put this mixture into my food processor and lightly minced. I then added sage, all purpose seasoning, mixed herbs and the rind of the lemon.
Minced meats
I rolled out the pastry to fit into a spring form cake tin.
rolled out pastry
I then placed the rolled out pastry into the oiled cake tin, in preparation for my filling. Meanwhile I began to boil 5 eggs, so that the hard boiled eggs could be placed around the filling mixture.
Pastry in tin.
I placed the filling in the pastry tin, and began to un peel the 5 eggs, but all 5 eggs, yes all 5 eggs were too runny (I boiled for 10 minutes) so had to make the pie without the eggs.
Filling in pie.
To make up for the loss of eggs, I rolled out pastry trimmings and turned them into stars to make myself feel better about an essential ingredient not being in the pie.
Pie before entering the oven with a chimney.
After one and a half hours baking my pie turned out, well rather interesting.
Finished pie.
The following day I had a slice of chicken and ham pie cold, which was absolutely delicious.
This is how the pie should have turned out - but we won't go there today!
I am entering this recipe to tea time treats, hopefully I will get some inspiration from fellow bloggers for their picnic pies.



  1. glorious pie... I love it, so creamy and I love your pastry technique too, very fabulous!!

  2. Ahh thanks, need to work on presentation eh! Practice = perfect ! x

  3. I love your step by step picture guide and the lovely little star decorations! Thank you ever so much for entering TTT- welcome!

  4. I'm dropping by via TTT. Cold chicken and ham sound like a great combination for pie filling. These looks delicious.

  5. Thanks Mich I need to improve my pie making skills. Will get there in the end x


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