Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nigella's Devils Food Cake

I am a lover of chocolate and cake, so merging the two to make a devil's food cake for a cake sale whilst on placement seemed a fantastic idea. I was unsure whether to make the Great British Bake Off's devils food cake (p.43) or Nigella's devil's food cake (Kitchen p.253-254). I decided to make Nigella's version of the cake as 1) she had a picture of how it should look in her book and 2) she cooked this cake in one of her kitchen tv series, so I could see how it was made step by step and 3) all of her recipes have turned out delicious.
I found this cake really easy to make, and even easier to decorate. I will definitely make again. 
This is how the cake turned out ....... I added some silver balls, to show the contrast between the dark chocolate and silver chocolate balls.
Devil's food cake.
Cake sale - my cake is top right.
My dark luscious cake in a cake sale that was held at my placement. My cake sold fast, unfortunately I did not get a slice but theres always next time.
I've made quite a few of Nigella's chocolate cakes (Old fashioned chocolate cake, chocolate Guinness cake, malteser cake - all from Feasts), and will say this is one of the easiest and is great for dark chocolate lovers. The recipe can be found here: Devil's food cake.
I have made some amendments to the recipe in Kitchen. I used 150g of dark chocolate and 150 g of milk chocolate instead of the 300g suggested. 

I am entering this cake to Forever Nigella, organised by Maison Cupcake one of the best food blogs in the United Kingdom and guest hosted this month by Lavender and Lodges a lovely blog which focuses on using fresh ingredients and seasonal foods.  The theme of this months Forever Nigella is "Kitchen Raids", I am sure a lovely chocolate cake would be perfect to raid at night when feeling peckish. 



  1. You must be feeling happy that your cake is selling like "hot cakes" :D

    But sad that you didn't get a chance to try a slice...

    Your blog is awesome with all your delicious bakes. Now following you for more :D

  2. Oh yeah! I would defintiely eat this in the middle fo the night :-). Looks totally lush.

  3. Thanks for comments, I wish I could have had a slice but at least it turned out well. Thanks for following Zoe x

  4. OH yes what a GREAT fridge raider cake and one of my FAVOURITE Nigella recipes too! Was there any NOCTURNAL raids going on in your kitchen when that cake was around? I vet there were! THANKS for your entry, Karen

  5. Looks great! I love Devil's food cake!


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