Monday, 6 August 2012

Successful baking - crunchy apple tart

Successful baking was a collection of cards that used to come weekly and contained around 3-5 recipes. I was around 12-14 when my nan started collecting them, so they have been somewhat treasured at home. I have made the occasional bake from my successful baking folders and had some success.
I set up some new years resolutions to improve my baking skills. These aims have loosely been based upon the format of  the Great British Bake Off. I thought one week I could have a chocolate bake, pudding bake, show stopper bake (for the right reasons) and an easy bake. I also thought I could apple this same level of forward planing to bread bakes (e.g complex bread, easy bread, sweet bread etc).

I haven't stuck my new years resolution, but have started experimenting with other bakes besides chocolate cake.
I don't think you can buy these anymore but my childhood consisted of these bakes.

 Next my crunchy apple tart, required some jam. Luckily for me I have some jams that I made over the summer (using Nigella's jumbleberry jam recipe from her kitchen book), and thought it would be a good idea to use some of my homemade jam.

The only thing with my homemade jam is that it is very sweet, still, I can't complain, as the jam turned out pretty well, considering I'm a novice at making jams/chutneys. I think it's far easy making a mixed berry jam, compared to making a strawberry jam (my strawberry jam NEVER sets!)
Pastry case

When I saw the pastry case come out of the oven, my first thoughts were "Is this going to work?". I instantly remembered that Lorraine Pascale stated to reduce the levels of puff in the pastry, the pastry needs to be beaten (with a rolling pin). I forgot to do this prior to baking, but managed to reduce the level of puffiness by patting down the pastry. Next time, if there is a next time, I will be using shortcrust pastry.
I also came across another mishap, I started to dice a cooking apple to put on the topping, but my nan informed me that cooking apples are not sweet and I may have to add sugar. So heres a picture of a lovely diced apple with lots of sugar to sweeten it.

Finished product
Tart cut into slices.

Above is the finished result "crunchy apple tart". It made a very nice change to a chocolate dish. I probably will not make it again, as I want to work my way through my nan's three folders. Just glad it was enjoyed by my family. 




  1. Well your tarts look lovley and well done for making your first batch of jam - all very satisfying I find. Gooseberry or blackcurrant are easy ones to start with as they set with no problem at all. Not that I've made jam for a few years!

  2. Yum - apple is my favourite thing to bake with!

  3. It looks great I loved making the chocolate muffins from the successful baking range I know I'm cheeky but if you still have it would you be able to post the muffin recipe.

  4. Hey thanks for the comments. I'll have a look for the muffin recipe, but can't promise anything as my nan did not collect all of the cards. x

  5. I have also got the Successful Baking files but have found that I have one card missing and wondered if you could copy/scan the card for me. The card missing is Section 9 Savoury Flans & Bakes Card 11 Creamy Fish Pie. My son made the pie at school (he is now 32) and has requested I make it for him but when I went to get the card it was not there he obviously did not put it back or left it at school. I am quite happy to copy/scan any cards you would like. x


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