Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nigella's American pancakes with crispy bacon and golden syrup.

I've been meaning to try this recipe of American pancakes from Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess for over a year, but never have managed to get round to making it, until now. I've never actually made or tried American pancakes before, but the picture in the book, with all the syrup drizzling over, tempted me to make this last weekend. The recipe is fairly simple, flour, milk and eggs, but the difference between the American version and the British version, is the American version uses self- raising flour whereas English pancakes tend to use plain flour. I followed the advice to put all the ingredients into the mixer and just whizz - how simple.
Whilst I was mixing the batter for the pancakes, I remembered that some time ago, a recipe was posted on the Nigella website for American pancakes with waffer bacon and syrup. I've seen this combination - sweet pancakes, salty bacon and sweet syrup on various American food programes and have always been fascinated on how this combination could work.
There was no time like the present to try this, so I placed some bacon under the grill whilst I poured two tablespoons of mixture into a hot frying pan. I am pleased to say it all worked, and my American pancakes with bacon and golden syrup turned out to be lush:
Pancakes with bacon and syrup.
The pancakes were slightly scorched in some parts but this did not effect the taste. As I reiterated earlier these pancakes were really easy to make. I mixed in my food processor.
Mixture minus eggs
I whisked all the mixture first and added the eggs when all the mixture was combined. I added the eggs towards the end as I did not want to over whisk the eggs.
Here is a link to the recipe: Pancake recipe.



  1. Wow these look gorgeous!


  2. Yum!

    I updated the hairy dieters and groupon post yesterday - you won! Well done.

  3. oooh! So yummy! perfect to be paired with a cup of coffee or cold milk! YUM!


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