Saturday, 22 September 2012

Weight watchers chocolate cake

I love chocolate cake. I also really love low fat chocolate cake and am always scouring for low fat recipes: I may as well try to limit the calories. I discovered this chocolate cake recipe from the Weight Watchers website and I was intrigued how a two layered chocolate cake could only have 330 calories per slice. Of course, there was differences in the ingredients in a low calorie chocolate cake primarily the use of more liquids such as milk or water to "bulk out" the cake. But, in order to shave of the calories I am more than happy to add liquids, whisk egg whites separately if I can recreate a low fat cake. The chocolate cake in question only took 30 minutes to bake which I think is quick for a low calorie cake as I have made cakes from Harry Eastwood's "Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache" which has taken an hour.
Anyway, here is how my chocolate cake turned out:
Low fat chocolate cake.
I decorated with strawberries, honey comb pieces and chocolate drops, all were random ingredients that were available from my store cupboard/fridge. However, I would never decorate a cake again with strawberries as the strawberries turned out to be sour, so perhaps blueberries next time.

I started making the cake by adding all the dried ingredients into a bowl.

I then added the liquid ingredients into a free standing mixer to combine, and then added the dried ingredients.

Egg and milk mixture

Liquid mixture
Once all the ingredients were thoroughly combined I poured into two sandwich tins and once cooked for thirty minutes, left to cool.

The recipe for the cake can be found here:

Overall, this is a lovely alternative to the calorific cakes we love so much. If you have overindulged recently but still want to eat cake, this is the perfect sweet treat.



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  1. This looks really impressive...and I can't believe it's Weight Watchers too! :-)


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