Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nigella's Tuscan (baked) fries with peppered steak.

I'm a big fan of Nigella and many of my posts on my blog have been recipes from her ever increasing cook book collection. I have been looking forward to purchasing her Nigellisima book for the last few months, and on pay day ensured that purchasing Nigellisima was my number one priority. Although there are some fantastic recipes in this book, I feel this is not her best work and that her Kitchen and Feast books include much better recipes. I even think her Forever Summer book is better than Nigelissima, but maybe after time this book will grow on me.
The Tuscan fries were one of the first recipes to be cooked in the opening episode of her tv series and I was impressed with the inclusion of fresh herbs and garlic when making the fries. I was less impressed with the 1.5L of oil - i'm sure this amounts to around 7,500 calories if 100ml has around 500 calories. I thought if I am to make this dish a low fat alternative is needed and instead of drenching the fries in oil, I placed the fries in an oven dish and drizzled with around 5 tablespoons of oil, plus some fry light. I felt the fries were delcious with the unpeeled garlic, rosmerary and sage. I served the Tuscan fries with an old favourite, peppered steak Yum.
Here is how my Tuscan fries and peppered steak turned out:
Tuscan fries with peppered steak.

I seasoned the fries for around half an hour  so that the flavours can be infused.
Marinated fries with seasoning. 

Once cooked the potatoes browned up nicely and has almost the same texture as crispy fries, albeit with less calories - which is always a winner in my eyes.

Overall my version is a nice twist on the traditional baked homemade fries/chips and the flavours of sage and garlic work really well.
The recipe for Tuscan fries can be found here:



  1. these look great, i cant believe she soaks them in cold oil!
    loved this episode x

  2. I know, I need to eat healthily so it's all about baking fries x

  3. Oh boy, I'll hold the steak (I'm veggie..) but I'll have a double portion of the fries please! :) x


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