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Cake slice bakers, Shoo fly cake.

I am an official member of the online baking group: The Cake Slicers. I have been fascinated with his online baking group, after seeing fellow blogger Kelly Jane who would post her monthly bakes from last years selected book: The Cake Book by Tish Boyle.  The orgainsers of this fabulous online cake group are Katie who blogs at Apple and Spice and Paloma who blogs at The Coffee Shop and were kind enough to have me on board this year and I have joined as a new member.

This year The Cake Slicers are cooking from "Vintage Cakes"(timeless recipes for Cupcakes, Flips, Rolls, Layer, Angel, Bundt, Chiffon, and Icebox Cakes for Today's Sweet Tooth) by Julie Richardson. Vintage cakes is easily available from Amazon, and I must say this is one of the BEST cake books I have seen. It is also my first American baking book, and I am amazed how succulent, tempting these rustic cakes are. Each month fellow bakers vote on the dish that they want to bake and the cake with the ost number of votes wins. The first bake from this book is the Shoo Fly Cake: a simple molasses spice cake that is from the authors great grandmothers recipe collection born in 1895. I did not vote to bake for this cake, but I am pleased that it was chosen as it was nothing I have ever tasted before. The spices really came through in this cake, and reminded me of my nan's West Indian cake.
Here is how my Shoo Fly Cake turned out:
Shoo fly cake.
A crumble mixture was sprinkled on the top, as according to the recipe. Although I will be quite surprised if other bakers cake turned out like this, as they are more experienced bakers, and their cake probably will look a 1,000 times better.
Shoo fly cake before cut
I had a slice of my Shoo Fly cake with a dollop of rum and raisin ice cream- this really intensified the spices in the cake. Yum!
Shoo fly cake and rum and raisin ice-cream.
I started by making the crumble mixture for the topping by combining the butter and plain flour into breadcrumbs and placed in the freezer.
Crumble mixture

I then creamed the butter and sugar together and then added treacle and in-cooperated the dry ingredients with the coffee.
Creamed sugar and butter
Weighed treacle.
I added the dry ingredients alongside the eggs and black coffee.
Dry ingredients
Black coffee
I then spread the mixture in a 9 inch, loose bottomed tin.
Mixture incooperated
Cake mixture in the tin.
After around 45 minutes the Shoo Fly cake was baked and was absolutely delish!
Baked cake.
Please take a look at my fellow members take on the Shoo Fly cake http://thecakesliceblogroll.blogspot.co.uk/



  1. Woohoo!
    Your cake still looks good even if some of the crumbs sank. The cake texture is tender!

  2. I love how you mentioned your Nan's West Indian Cake! Maybe you will blog about it? Your Shoo-Fly Cake looks very good- I personally kind of liked how some of the crumbs kind of folded into the cake as it baked- kind of a filling effect. :)

  3. So glad you enjoyed it! Looks moist and delicious! And that ice-cream sounds perfect to go with it!

  4. I've never had rum raisin ice cream but I can imagine the flavors and I can't help but agree with you on how that would make a perfect pairing to this cake. :)

    Welcome to the group and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I like your step by step approach in showing us how you made the cake. Yeah, with rum and raisin ice cream, this recipe is a winner!

    Grace (Life can be simple)

  6. Mmmmm rum and raisin ice cream what a great flavor ice cream to go with this cake. :)

  7. Psshh, who cares how it looks, as long as it tastes good. Welcome to the group!

  8. Welcome to our baking group! Love how you paired your cake up with icecream :)

  9. Your cake looks really good and I am so glad you enjoyed it. The crumbs on mine seemed to sink a bit and gave it a mottled appearance. I am just not a big fan of molasses I guess.

  10. I've always wanted to make a shoofly pie/cake - you have inspired me to give it a go!

  11. Wow this looks great! love that you are part of an online baking group, that's awesome! Room for one more? ;) Must look up that book too... love me some vintage recipes.

    How did you find the translation from American to UK measurements? Hazel x

  12. Hi Hazel, my scales can weigh ingredients in grams, ounces and pounds. If you click on the link for The Cake Slicer, get in contact with the organisers, Paloma and Kate. xx


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