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Low fat coconut cake

I have recently dusted of Harry Eastwood's Red velvet and Chocolate Heartache cookbook in an attempt to lose another stone before my graduation in January. Having had success with the chocolate beetroot brownies, stem ginger syrup cake (which uses butternut squash), and low fat carrot cake within the book, I thought I would be brave and attempt to bake one of my favourite cakes of all time, coconut cake. Now in the last four weeks I have made a three layered coconut cake and coconut and lime cupcakes, both full fat and delicious, so was a bit weary on whether a coconut cake using finely grated courgette would work. Well........... of course it worked, Harry Eastwood's book is a best seller and you can't taste the courgettes at all. It was a really nice and moist and will be another recipe which I will bake again and again. Here is how my low fat coconut cake turned out.
Coconut cake

A slice of coconut cake:
Slice of coconut cake

I first started by ignoring the first instruction of blitzing the dessicated coconut in the food processor (but I strongly advise that you do this as the coconut was quite chewy) and whisked the eggs and sugar together.
Egg and sugar mixture

I then in cooperated the dry ingredients and used a hand held mixer to combine.
Ingredients in-cooperated. 
Following some reviews on Amazon on this book, I grated the courgette last and combined this to the mixture, as it has been suggested that the grated courgette can be "limp".
Grated courgette

I divided the cake mixture into two separate cake tins and baked for 45 minutes.
Cakes pre bake

Cakes baked

Once cool I spread strawberry jam on the first layer and placed the second layer on top.
Jam layer

Then I mixed the icing sugar and coconut rum to make a runny paste, then poured all over the cake.

Ingredients (serves 10)
200g dessicated coconut
3 medium free-range eggs
180g caster sugar
250g topped, tailed and very finely grated courgette
1 tbsp vanilla extract
120 g white rice flour
2tsp baking powder

For the filling
Strawberry or raspberry jam

For the icing
2tsbp coconut milk (I used coconut rum)
100g icing sugar

You will need two 18cm x - diameter x 5cm deep loose bottomed tins
A food processor

1) Preheat the oven to 160C/325F/gas mark 3. Lightly brush the tins with a little vegetable oil. Line the base and sides with baking parchment, then grease them all over.
2) Blitz the desiccated coconut in the food processor for 2 minutes. This will shred it slightly finer than it already is, which in turn help life the texture of the cake. Set it aside on a plate.
3) Whisk the eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy (takes around 4 minutes). Beat in the grated courgette and the vanilla extract.
4) Finally, add the coconut, flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and salt, and beat to combine. Pour the mixture evenly into the two tins and place them in the middle of the oven for 45 minutes.
5) Remove the cakes from the oven and unmould them. Cool them on a wire rack for 15 minutes whilst you make the icing.
6) To make the icing, pour the coconut milk or coconut rum into the icing sugar and combine them into a loose paste with the help of a spoon.
7) When cool enough to handle, spread the jam over one cake and sandwich the two together. Pour the icing over so that it covers the top and drips lazily down the sides. Sprinkle the coconut shaving over the  top before serving.


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