Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Beer praised pork knuckles.

I really should be spending more time making seasonal recipes but I prefer to cook and bake my own foodie list, whether it's Christmas or not. I've been meaning to cook this dish from Nigella Kitchen cookbook for some time as I have never tried pork knuckles and I was intrigued on how it would taste with the cider, although in the end I used alcoholic ginger beer.
I think this is more of a weekend dish as it takes 3 hours to make due to it being slow cooked, but I think it certainly makes a nice Saturday dish. I made the mistake of adding my loved all purpose seasoning to the ham hocks, completely forgetting that the ham hocks may already be salty. I had sliced potatoes and apples alongside the ham hocks which complimented it beautifully.
Here is how my ham hocks with potatoes, apples and vegetables turned out:
Ham hock dinner

I first started by seasoning ham hocks with all purpose seasoning and sage, although I would omit the salt out in the future.

I then placed the potatoes, apples and red onions along with the hocks and then added the beer in two oven dishes.
Ham hocks with potatoes, apples and red onions

After 3 hours the ham hocks were cooked. I checked on the hocks every hour or so, and needed to remove the excess liquid from the baking trays. Once cooked the meat from the hocks fell off and it was so soft and succulent.
Ham hocks cooked

Here is the recipe for the ber braised pork knuckles

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