Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mushroom and chickpea burger

I love burgers, I should really try to be varied with my diet, but I like to eat with what I am familiar with. With the recent horsemeat scandal, I thought I will make a vegetarian burger instead f my usual turkey, chicken or beef burger. This recipe is from BBC 30 Minute Suppers, an excellent book for busy people with busy live. I can't say how easy, tasty and nutritious this recipe and I think the most dedicated meat eater will be impressed with the flavoursome nature. Not only is this dish healthy, it is also cheap, my mushrooms cost around £1 and my chickpeas 30p, bargain!
Here is how my mushroom and chickpea burgers turned out:

Mushroom and chickpea burgers

I added a handful of chips and topped each burger with grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream (perhaps not so healthy then?!). I first started by slicing the mushrooms and gently frying the mushrooms for around 7 minutes.
Sliced mushrooms

Mushrooms cooking
Meanwhile, I placed the chickpeas in a bowl and crushed until they were almost smooth.
Chickpeas in bowl
Crushed chickpeas
Whilst the mushrooms were softened I added to the chickpea mixture and added seasoning, seasoning is the key. To get a flavoursome burger,  I suggest you use 1tbsp curry powder, 1tbsp black pepper, 1 tea spoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of turmeric.
I shaped into patties and fried for 6 minutes on each side. Here is the link for the mushroom and chickpea burger.



  1. so delicious and cheap!! wonderful dinner ;))
    Mary x

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  3. Oh this looks lovely, what a great burger base, you could add loads to this...

  4. I'm trying to convince my meat-eating boy and husband to eat more vegetarian. I reckon this burger will be a good start for me :D

  5. This is a nice vegetarian burger. I agree with Zoe. I'll have to give this a go for my picky little 4 year old. : )

  6. Thanks guys for the comments. I definitely think that a vegetarian burger is the way to go for eating more veggies as they taste delicious x


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