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Chocolate and Orange cake

This is another one of my citrus bakes, my new found must ingredient when baking cakes. This time I have left alone my tried and tested use of lemons and decided I would try baking a cake using a different citrus fruit, this time in-cooperating an orange in my bake. Like so many recipes in my baking books, I have bookmarked this recipe for chocolate and orange cake from BBC Good Food Cakes and Bakes. The recipe in this book is actually for a dark chocolate and orange cake but I decided to adapt the recipe as am not a big fan of  dark chocolate, nor was I partciularly keen on the method of boiling an orange for half an hour then placing in a food processor to blend, as suggested in the baking book. My way of grating the orange zest and adding the squeezed juice of the orange, is easier, I can imagine, and the orange taste really comes through and I think this has helped the cake become less chocolatey. I defintiely will be making this again, as my family enjoyed this. I decorated the cake using a packet of Tesco's chocolate orange.
Here is how my chocolate and orange cake turned out:
Milk chocolate and orange cake

A slice of my chocolate and orange cake
Milk chocolate and orange cake

Inside my chocolate and orange cake:
Milk chocolate and orange cake

I first started by mixing the egg and sugar and oil together until combined.
Egg, sugar and oil

Eggs, sugar and oil mixed
I then grated the orange zest and squeezed the juice of the orange and placed to one side.
Grated orange zest.

I then added the zest to the liquid mixture before adding the self-raising flour to the mixture,
Orange zest added to the liquid mixture

Once the dry ingredients were added, I placed the cake mixture in a baking tin and placed in the oven on gas mark 4 for 55 minutes.
Cake mixture in tin.

After the cake was baked, I left to cool in the tin and then began to make the icing.
Baked cake

I tend to make a ganche not using double cream, instead by using the same amount of chocolate and butter, which is usually 250g of butter and 250g melted chocolate to cover a cake. However, I suggest perhaps using only 200g butter and 250g melted chocoalte as the added juice of an orange gave the cake a slightly salty taste, which only became noticable after several slices.
Melted butter and chocolate

I left the ganache to set for around an hour until set then began to spread it on the tops and sides of the cake and formed a crumb layer.
Crumb layer 

I then spread the remaining chocolate ganache over the cake.
Cake smoothed over

Here is the link for the recipe for the chocolate and orange cake


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  1. Oh yum! I love chocolate and orange :) Bet it tasted ah-maz-ing!! Hazel x


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