Thursday, 16 May 2013

My favourite Sunday breakfast.

For all my fellow bloggers who follow my Facebook page, you will be aware that I have a favourite breakfast, which commonly appears under my Weekend Breafast folder. Being of Jamaican heritage, I love nothing more than eating the traditional Jamaican Sunday breakfast which is fried fish (my favourite is Hake), fried plantin and roasted breadfruit. I'll begin by saying my favourtie traditional Jamaican (breakfast) dish is not the national dish, which is ackee and saltfish (I have been corrected on my Facebook page). I love the flavouring of a juicy piece of fish, fried in spices and "cooked up", with peppers  or escovitched in a lovely vinegarette sauce. To accompany my fish, I love nothing better than fried plantin, plantin looks similar to bananas but is a savoury dish, which is commonly eaten in the Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. Fried plantin is delicious, and it's quite difficult to try and describe how it tastes, as it is a very unique delicious taste. Another addition I like with my fried Hake, is roasted breadfruit. Again, breadfruit is found in Africa, Caribbean and Latin America, and has a lovely smooth texture when roasted and eaten.

Here a few of my favourite Sunday breakfast snaps:

Saltfish, roasted breadfruit and fried plantin.

Saltfish, fried dumplings and fried plantins.
Escovitch fish
Fried hake, roasted breadfruit and plantin
Benito fish, roasted breadfruit and bammi.

I have previously shared a recipe for fried dumplings and escovitch fish which can be found here. I have also shared recipes for saltfish fritters. The recipe which I will share today is my favourite accompaniment to fried dumplings, escovitch fish and saltfish fritters, which is fried plantin. Plantin is widely available in Caribbean food shops and resembles a bannana but has a different texture and a savoury taste when fried. If you want to see what a whole plantin looks like, there is a fantastic guide given over at bbc food website.

3 ripe plantins, peeled and cut diagonally into 1/4 thick slices
200ml vegetable oil

Drizzle oil into a frying just enough to coat the bottom of the pan and place on a medium heat.
When the oil becomes hot, add the plantin pieces, in batches and fry for around 2 minutes on one side and 1 1/2 on the other side.
Remove the fried plantins and leave to rest on kitchen paper towels to absorb the oil whilst the remaainding plantins are fried.
Serve immediately

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