Friday, 3 May 2013

Quick lamb biryani.

A lot of my recent blog post have been about curries or a spicy dish, and this is another curry dish. I will however share some more unusual dishes I have cooked (South African Babotie anyone?). I like curry dishes as not only are they full of flavour, but some are incredibly quick and easy to make. This dish is also low fat so it also makes the perfect midweek meal after a long day at work. I usually make curry dishes with mince (such as my aloo keema) or chicken such as my aromatic chicken curry but I fancied making a curry with lamb something that I rarely do. I also liked the addition of a whole packet of spinach, which would increase my vegetable intake.
 This recipe is taken from BBC Good Food More Low Fat Feasts and contains 387 calories, 5g saturated fats and takes 25 minutes and serves 4.
Here is how my quick lamb biryani turned out:
Quick Lamb Biryani
Quick Lamb Biryani
The recipe for quick lamb biryani can be found here quick lamb biryani.


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