Thursday, 11 July 2013

Turkey meatballs

As part of my healthier eating plan I have been trying to find more creative ways to make my favourite dishes lower in fat or carbohydrate or both. Turkey mince is readily available in supermarkets and is a great alternative to the higher in fat, beef mince. I've been flicking through my favourite cook book, Nigella Kitchen and came across this recipe for turkey meatballs in tomato sauce. I was pondering for a long time whether turkey meatballs would be edible, let alone taste nice (I've been accustomed to beef mince for such a long time). I think what helped this dish is the use of seasoning and slow cooking. I served my turkey meatballs with vegetables and one slice of garlic bread, so my meal was super healthy (well except for the garlic bread) and tasted nice too.
Here is how my turkey meatballs turned out:

The recipe for turkey meatballs can be found when you click on the recipe link.

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