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Coconut and lime chocolate brownie meringue cake topped with honeycomb.

As many in the UK are aware the popular baking show, The Great British Bake Off has finished it's fourth series and Francis from Leicestershire was crowned the worthy winner. The Great British Bake Off has churned out at least 6 books, the first two were on a yearly basis and then there have been other GBBO baking books. There is even a Great British Bake Off Winter Kitchen scheduled to be released 21st November 2013, I however only have the first two books from the franchise and only baked a handful of the recipes.
The recipe that I am sharing is taken from the first GBBO baking book and was submitted by Miranda Browne who became known for her decorative biscuits. Prior to this recipe I never made a meringue before but thought it would be a good cake for me to bake and as it contained chocolate I was immediately sold. My version of this cake differs somewhat to the original recipe, as I added coconut and lime to the brownie mixture and instead of using a raspberry cream filling I made a lime buttercream filling. That's what I love about baking is that you can adapt to suit your own taste buds. Although the cake was simple enough I did struggle to release the topping of the cake without breaking the meringue, but besides that it is a lovely freshing, gooey, crunchy, chocolate cake :-)
Here is how my coconut and lime chocolate brownie cake turned out:
Coconut and lime brownie meringue cake.

Coconut and lime brownie meringue cake.
Coconut and lime brownie meringue cake.
I first started by melting the chocolate, not in a heatproof bowl over a simmering pan of water but in the microwave in 30 seconds blasts, with a quick stir.
Chocolate pieces.
Chocolate melted
I then whisked the butter and icing sugar together.
Butter and icing sugar.
I also added the eggs and the flour and stirred until everything was combined.
Flour added to butter and icing sugar.

I in cooperated the chocolate at this stage alongside the lime and coconut.
Chocolate added.
Lime added.
I placed the mixture into two sandwich tins and baked for around 8 minutes. Meanwhile I got on with the meringue. I whisked 4 egg whites until frothy and added the sugar. Once almost meringue style (I've never made meringue before) and removed from the brownies from the oven and added the meringue mixture.
Not a stiff meringue mixture!

Meringue added to the brownie.

Here is the link to the original chocolate brownie meringue cake. I have made amendments to in-cooperate coconut and lime.
For the coconut and lime, add one grated zest of 1 lime and 50g coconut to the mixture after the chocolate has been added to the mixture.
For the coconut and lime buttercream follow the link here.


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  1. Coconut, lime, chocolate, brownie and meringue - All of these together sounds like a taste explosion! In a good way!


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