Saturday, 16 November 2013

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on bagels.

Any of my Facebook followers know that I love having a treaty weekend breakfast and I always enjoy trying new breakfast ideas. This weekend breakfast is the classic scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on bagels. Egg dishes do not feature heavily on my Facebook page because as I have become older eggs some egg dished have left me queasy but that has changed this year (perhaps after my visit to Cuba where eggs were everywhere!). I think it's important to ensure that any eggs that are brought are  British Lion Eggs as these eggs adhere to a stringent standard which has eliminated the potential for salmonella in all their eggs.
The scrambled eggs were easy and simple to make, I added spring onions to give the eggs an extra kick. The smoked salmon simply adds a luxurious taste to this breakfast dish and can be brought for £2 (from Morrisons) so it's not too expensive. For a great range of egg based breakfast ideas follow the link  How to make an omelette and enjoy.
Here is how my scrambled egg with smoked salmon bagels turned out:


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  1. Such a great breakfast for the weekend! Smoked salmon and eggs go so well together.


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