Thursday, 12 December 2013

Birmingham German Christmas Market.

German Christmas markets have become a symbol of Christmas time at the major cities within the UK and a great place for food lovers to visit. The Birmingham Christmas market has been going for some time now and it is the nearest German market to where I live but for some reason I have not had the opportunity to visit before now. I visited recently and I definitely feel I have missed out by not going before. I warn you that there will be hundreds and hundreds of people there and it can get very crowded but it's worth it to see the numerous stalls offering delicious food goodies.
First up for tasting traditional German food, is the symbolic German Pretzel: these were retailing at £2 for a plain pretzel from Pretzel Bakery.
Pretzel Bakery.

The bagels were crispy, moist and delicious. Next up for testing was gingerbread, they were beautifully decorated, hanged and colourful. The gingerbread were in a variety of shapes and decorated with many slogans in German and English. My chosen gingerbread stated "I love you" in German.

I had to visit the frankfurter stall and purchase some traditional frankfurters with all the sauce and trimmings, which was delicious and a real treat.


Frankfurter stand.

To wash my delicious frankfurter with, nothing quite beats mulled wine.
Mulled wine.
What I was impressed the most about Birmingham's German Christmas market was the variety in the chocolate stalls. If chocolate is being sold, I'm a happy bunny.

There were even a stand that sold cute snowmen.

If chocolate are not to your fancy, then there were other alternatives such as a doughnut stall or the crepes stall, that sold a delicious nutella crepe, and my new favourite treat, baileys crepe.


I really look forward to going next year, and if you live nearby to Birmingham, you should check it out, it certainly got me in the mood for Christmas.



  1. a delicious post...would love to savor all those yummy chocolates...look o good :-)

  2. Hi Charlene,

    Wish that I can fly to Birmingham right now... Nutella crepes!!! Sounds yummy!



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