Sunday, 1 December 2013

Total Media food advertising agency.

I've been writing my lovely food blog for almost two years and I have learnt so much about food writing, recipe sharing, recipe developing and reviewing products and cookbooks. I have also been pleasantly pleased to see bloggers having their cookbooks published (Sarah Trivuncic from Maison Cupcakes, Eat like a Girl by Niamh Shields and The Pioneer woman cooks by Ree Drummond).
I have also seen many bloggers who bake not just for themselves but for birthday parties and it got me thinking, I wondered whther there was anyone who had a brilliant food related idea which would really catch on? Look at how Levi Roots has helped to put Caribbean food on the map or Bethnay Frankel from Realhousewives of New York with her skinny girl products has introduced a range of low fat and low calorie snacks and beverages. What these both examples have in common is great products and brilliant marketing. It has crossed my mind that perhaps I should try to develop some of my favourite Caribbean snacks such as grater cake, coco bread or plaintain chips and perhaps introudce to a wider marker. This is where a fantastic Media Agency Londoncomes in. Total Media is an independent media agency that focuses on delievering growth for brands, and helps brands stand out from their competitors.  The website looks pretty good and they work with some well known brands such as The White Company, Slimming world (who will be my new diet buddies in 2014) and The Random House Group (I have so many cook book published by them), so any products/ideas that need to be launced and developed are amongst good company. Total Media also have a weekly newsletter that shares the different brands and products that are being set up and the prgoress that has been made. Whatever buisness idea you may have, nothing is out of reach with a fantastic idea, great marketing, your brand/product can be out there to be enjoyed by everyone. 

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