Thursday, 20 February 2014

Party time chocolate fridge cake

I love a good chocolate no-bake. For me, a chocolate based recipe which does not require the use of an oven, but yet is indulgent, rich and decadent will always become a blue-print recipe to go to when time is short, but there is a need to get "chocolate wasted". I fell in love with making sweet and salty crunch bars and have made several variations of this and also was impressed with a healthier fruity chocolate fridge cake and enjoyed thoroughly my white chocolate topped refrigerator cake and have different variations of all three no bakes. You see you can never go wrong with a chocolate fridge cake and I have book marked this recipe from Lorraine Pascale's Home Cooking Made Easy for over 2 years, so Valentines Day was the perfect time to try a different version on an old classic. I slightly tweaked the method and ingredients used for this, adding dried cranberries for an extra sweetness and used the micro-wave to melt the chocolate and butter instead of a traditional pan. I felt my adaptations did no harm to this no-bake and perhaps enhanced the flavours and texture as within two hours of being in the fridge, I had a extremely moreish, rich, and addictive bake which was hard to stop eating once I started. I perhaps next time would use more maltesers, I certainly was slightly bewildered how the maltesers turned white once combined with the chocolate, but I suppose it added a nice look to the no-bake. This sweet treat was super easy and yet super delicious, and if you fancy a quick chocolate treat you should make this.

Here is how my party time chocolate fridge cake turned out:

Party time chocolate fridge cake

Chocolate fridge cake

Melted chocolate

Digestive biscuits added

Pre setting
Recipe for Party Time Chocolate Fridge Cake.

125g butter
400g milk or plain chocolate or chopped (I used 300g)
2 dollops of golden syrup
250g digestive biscuits (I used 200g)
135g packet of maltesers (I used 1 packet of maltesers)
handful of dried cranberries

Equipment 20cm square brownie tin or heart shaped tin

Line the tin with baking parchment. Put the butter in a large pan and melt over a low heat. Add the chocolate and golden syrup and allow to melt for a couple of minutes, stirring. Take the pan off the heat and stir in the digestive biscuits and maltesers until evenly mixed.
Tip the mixture into the prepared tin and flatten the top down as smoothly as possible with the back of a spoon. Cover and place in the fridge for a couple or until it hardens. When ready to serve, remove from the tin and cut up into 16 even-sized square and enjoy.

There are many blogging challenges this month which I am entering this chocolate bake dish.
 Bookmarked Recipes hosted by the lovely Jacqueline from  monthly challenge encourages bloggers to cook or bake from a recipe that they have bookmarked from a magazine, blog, cook book or the internet. I have bookmarked this recipe for two years so I meet the desired criteria.

Anneil Faiers from hosts a monthly challenge Four Seasons Food, this months theme is food from the heart. My heart shaped chocolate fridge cake is certainly a food that made my heart very happy.
Naynar from hosts a monthly challenge entitled This months theme is "Lets cook sweet treats for Valentines Day"

Karen from and Janie from host Tea Time Treats this months theme is chocolate as it is the month of love.

Finally, Rachel from and Laura from hosts Calendar Cakes and this months theme is Oh' L Amour, this months theme is Valentines theme so anything heart shaped and a dish made for your loved ones count.



  1. I love cakes like this that are simple to make but really delicious.

  2. I'm never sure which is my favourite, a good brownie or a chocolate fridge cake. Yours sounds uber scrumptious filled as it is with maltesers.

  3. Sounds delicious, but a dangerous thing. I'd keep going back for more. Thanks for submitting it :)

  4. I adore Fridge cake and yours looks wonderful! Such a simple and easy recipe that results in something so crunchy, sweet and yummy! Love your heart shape too! Thanks for entering this into Four Seasons Food x

  5. What a GREAT no-bake recipe Charlene and such a pretty shape for a romantic afternoon tea too! Thanks for entering it into Tea Time Treats! Karen

  6. I do love a fridge cake, but they are a bit addictive.

    Oh and the Bookmarked Recipes Roundup is live. Shockingly late, but up.


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