Monday, 21 April 2014

A few questions with Andy Bates.

I was very fortunate to not only attend the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester recently but also had the opportunity to not only meet celebrity chefs but to interview one, how cool is that? I managed to catch up and ask a few questions with Andy Bates who stars in his own series on Food Network entitled Street Feasts, Street Feasts America and Street Feasts Brazil and also has a cook book Modern Twists on Classic Dishes. Andy showed the hungry crowds at the Cake and Bake show how to make a chicken and ham pie and made a twist on this classic by removing the top of the pie and topping with fresh berries. As I'm a savoury girl at heart and love to reminisce of my days in Rio, I asked a couple of questions to the pie man himself.

You have visited various countries such as Brazil and America and around the UK, whats your favourite country that you have visited and why?

It's hard to say, I'm still looking, it's a tough one, so much depends on the mood you are in. I still cant decide as I love a variety of foods.

How did you find Brazil?
Brazil, I found fantastic, my favourite place Bahia Salvador for the African influences. I went to Sao Paulo with an open mind diverse and found it to be diverse, there were lots of Italian and Japanese influences. The Amazon was very indigenous. I loved Bahia.

Did you try fejoada?
Yes, I tried  fejoada with tripe and all sorts in it.  I loved the social aspect of fejoada, I love the history of fejoada a bunch of ladies come together and spending 5 days cooking it, the dish brings the community together.

Your known as the pie man, whats your tip on making a hot water crust pastry for novices?
Take your time, don't get stressed out, relax,  have a glass of wine, have a cup of tea, put some music, go in with an open mind,  don't think you are going to conquer it first time, read the instructions/recipe. Youtube have some good step-by-step instructions and there are so many tips on hand. If you look back 15 years ago there wasn't as many instructions so it is easier to make with all the guidance.

As we are at the Cake and Bake show, what's your favourite cake?
Like with food, it's all about the mood, I never had red velvet cake before until 4-5 months ago. My favourite cake changes all the time.  I do like a Victorian sponge, a fresh Victorian sponge, something simple and something fresh would be my favourite cake. 

You have had a whirlwind experience over the last few years, what's next for you?
Who knows, I'm really grateful for the last few years. I really enjoy what I am doing and would love to continue doing this. 

Plans on a second book?
In the pipeline, lots of things in the pipeline. 

Thank you to NudgePr for arranging this interview.




  1. I love Andy Bates - very jealous that you not only met him - but interviewed him too! Love the blog! xx

  2. Thanks for your kind words. He was very friendly :-) x


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