Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lemon French Toast

The hot summer days are long gone, but they are replaced by warm Autumn days. I am finding most of the weekends in September have been warm enough to have my weekend breakfast outside, although this is with a cardigan, I must add. I was reminiscing of my mini break earlier this year to Spain and although I never ate this for my breakfast in Spain it is a dish that reminds me of my holidays and summer. I have adapted this from the original recipe found in Nigella Express, swapping the orange for a sharp lemon, and topped with tropical pineapple cooked in a warmed lemon curd. This topping was topped on a cinnamon spiced bread soaked and fried in butter. I loved this as a weekend breakfast and will make again when the weather improves or when I want to reminisce about my holiday. I'm sure you will enjoy this treaty weekend breakfast.
Here is how my Lemon French Toast turned out:
Lemon French Toast

Lemon French Toast

Egg, milk and lemon zest mixture

Bread soaking in mixture

Warmed pineapple and lemon curd.

The recipe for Lemon French Toast can found on the link here. As stated I adapted this recipe, to make the warmed lemon curd I place 3 heaped tbsp of lemon cured in a saucepan on a low heat and gently heated the ringed pineapple in the pan.



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