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OXO Good Grips Products, Review.

As I've grown in my cooking repertoire and become more passionate about food, I've also discovered a range of kitchen products which helps cooking and baking a little easier. I'm always on the look out for kitchen products that can assist in my making my time in the kitchen a little easier, which is often needed in my mid-week meals. I recently discovered OXO and their Good Grips range and was thrilled when they asked me whether I would like to review some of their products. I, of course, said yes and am pleased to share with you my experience using these products. I was asked to chose a few products and as I have a more a savoury palette I chose items for cooking as opposed to baking (they have a large selection of products more suitable for bakers which were the Chopper, Omlettte Turner  and Salad Dressing Shaker.

With almost all of my savoury recipes, I have to use a chopped onion as this add flavour to the majority of dishes. I couldn't imagine cooking without using onions, but I do have one slight issue, I always cry when cutting onions due to the chemicals which is produced. This is where the chopper comes in, simple to use, all you do is place the onion in the container part of the chopper and press the soft knob of the chopper and a zig zag sharp blade comes down, which rotates and slices away. This ensures even chopping. Not only can be used for onions but for vegetables (as long as you slice in half or quarters) such as courgettes, aubergines and garlic. Retailing at £19, this has become a firm favourite in my household, it's sleek and compact design, alongside it not requiring to be plugged in or battery operated makes this easy to store.

Flip and Fold Omelette Turner
I chose this product, the silicone Flip and Fold Omelette Turner, not because I love omelettes (quite the country, I'm not a big fan of eggs) but I love pancakes. I thought that whilst this product is entitled "omelette turner", it will be equally suitable to turn pancakes or when making quesadillias. You see the pancakes I make fill the frying pan and I often find it difficult to flip them over without causing the mixture to spray over. The flexible head and edges is perfect for sliding the underneath pancakes or omelettes. I loved using this product and promptly used this when making my Elvis Presley Pancakes which I may add turned out to perfectly shaped. The thing that impressed me most, was the length of the omelette turner which again made this product easy to use and flip. Retailing at £8, this is a gadget which will be welcome in your chicken. 

Salad Dressing Shaker
Retailing at £12 ,I'm looking forward to spring and making vibrant colourful salads which will be drizzled with my homemade dressing. I am embarrassed to say that previous dressings have been made in a mug. Not so anymore with this handy salad dressing shaker. I have yet to use this product, but will be sharing a selection of salad recipes in the coming months, and will feature this product. This salad shaker is water tight as ingredients are added using the very wide opening, which in turn means it has no spillages. Also, what it great about this salad dressing shaker, is that it can make dressing, sauces and marinades. I love the sleek design of this product which can be beautifully served on the table. 

The products were efficient and effective. 
All products are dishwasher safe.
Loved the vibrant colours used for Omelette Turner, Salad Dressing Shaker
All products are reasonably priced.
Loved the sleek designs. 

Chopper takes some getting used to, especially when dismantling.

I received a selection of products from OXO, I was not entitled to write a positive review and as always, all opinions are my own.

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