Thursday, 12 February 2015

Premier Housewares Green Leaf Apron and Double Oven Glove, Review.

Spring is almost upon us and I must say I am so happy. I'm not a big fan of the winter weather, although I don't mind frosty mornings if I am staying inside. Luckily March is a couple of weeks away and I always associate March with Spring, so I will be cooking and baking with a larger smile on my face. As I regularly cook and bake a variety of dishes, it is so important that I am fully prepared in the kitchen and this includes ensuring I am wearing an apron and tea towels and oven gloves at hand. Premier Housewares have a beautiful range of Green Leaf Kitchen Textiles, Tableware and Serve Ware, including a dinner set, coasters and placements. Each of their green leaf products has four shades of green on a white background, the perfect colour combination for Spring. I was offered the opportunity to review one of their new product range and I chose their Green Leaf Apron and Double Oven Gloves.  The Green Leaf Apron is 100% cotton, knee length and looks very stylish and the Double Oven Gloves is also 100% cotton and is perfect for removing items from the oven. The apron is the most fashionable apron I have seen, so apologies for all the pictures of me.
Here are my Apron and Double Oven Gloves:
Green Leaf Apron.

Green Leaf Apron and Double Oven Gloves.

Premier Housewares Green Leaf range.

These fabulous products are available from Amazon.

Many thanks to Premier Housewares for providing these samples.



  1. Looking lovely in the apron. The apron and gloves look really nice too:}

  2. I love the bright colours :-) x


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