Saturday, 9 May 2015

Olive It with Omar Allibhoy

I was lucky enough to be invited to Olive It event last month, with top Spanish chef, Omar Allibhoy. I never heard of Olive It prior to receiving the email from the PR company promoting this event, but after doing some thorough research, I was more than excited to reply yes and attend the event, hosted at Becketts Farm, Birmingham. Olive It is an EU funded project which aims at promoting and celebrating olives; their versatility and how easy it is to in-cooperate olives into every day meals.
 I have really only eaten olives in restaurants with some crusty bread and on occasion in a Greek feta salad at home, so I was excitingly looking forward to expanding my knowledge on the diversity of olives. Unfortunately, I arrived a little late to the demo (thanks to the M6 motorway) so I missed Omar showing the rest of the students how to make candied pitted olives and cherries in a sweet wine sauce. I know what you are thinking, olives in a dessert sound unusual but they were good and Omar and another chef went through the process of making this unique dessert. Once our desserts were made and carefully put in the fridge it was off for our main course: Queen olive-stuffed meatballs with tomato and olive sauce.  This dish was an eye opener for me; I'm almost an expert in making meatballs, but I loved the method of stuffing the olives inside the meatballs alongside adding the meatballs to the sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed making and eating this, whilst I nibbled on some beautiful European olives. Whilst the meatballs were resting we made the coarse pate, of mixed olives, manchego cheese, and pistachios which we served with fresh crusty bread. The food cooked was delicious and I can't wait to try out more olive based recipes like this at home. There are so many recipes to try and chose why not have a look at the menu.
Here are a few snaps from my time at the Olive It event.

Dessert in the making.

Ingredients for meatballs. 
Meatballs in the making. 

Meatballs pre-cook.

Meatballs cooking. 

Ingredients for the tapenade. 


Feasting of my labour. 

Meatballs cooking. 

As you can see from all my pictures I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Olive It event,  take a look on their website as there may be an event near you soon.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this event (which I am incredibly grateful), as always all opinions are my own. 


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