Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Vlog Post: Habana Mousse de Chocolate (Havana Chocolate Pots)

Considered to be a “National Jewel”, Havana Club Rum is a Cuban institution and was a necessary purchase from my recent travels to Cuba. I can understand why Cubans would consider their trademark rum to be a national treasure, less strength that other Islands rum, the Havana Club has a subtle yet warm taste, which in this case, compliments my chocolate mouse pudding incredibly well. Hence the inspired name: Havana Chocolate Mouse (I give the Spanish name for a nod to nostalgia of my travels). 
This is one of my all-time favourite desserts not least because it only takes an incredibly impressive 5 minutes to make, providing you have all the necessary equipment and ingredients ready. I love to eat this delectable dessert mid week in the early hours of the evening, the perfect pick me up after a long day; the fruits helps cut through the rich chocolate mouse and the Cuban rum brings a warmth to the dish.



  1. Those look sensational, I'm a sucker for a good chocolate pud.

  2. Yum! Adding rum to anything is definitely a good idea!

  3. Oooh boozy blueberries with chocolate, I'm liking that! Love the music in the video too!

  4. Thank you all for the kind words :-) x


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