Sunday, 14 June 2015

New Vlog Post How To Fry Plantain

As many of my loyal followers know, I LOVE fried plantain. It's so easy, quick, moreish and delicious and the perfect accompaniment to many of the meals that I make. Instead of banging on how fabulous this ingredient is, I thought I would share via a vlog (my first vlog post :-) post how to fry this wonderful side dish featured throughout Caribbean, South American and African cuisine. I hope you enjoy  :-) 

I'm sharing my little morsels of plantains with the Credit Crunch Munch blogging challenge, guest hosted by Jen's Food  and the brain child of the wonderful Helen from Fuss Free Flavours and Camilla at Fab Food For All . As you can purchase 3 plantains for a pound, this dish certainly qualifies :-) x



  1. Love your vlog Charlene and I really want to try plantain now! Thank you for entering #CreditCrunchMunch!

  2. I need to go and buy some plantain next time I go to the market! Thanks for sharing and linking up

  3. Brilliant Charlene! I've never tried plantain before so I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing with Credit Crunch Munch :)


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