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The Breakfast Club Spitalfields

The Breakfast Club is a restaurant across several locations in London, which as stated serves breakfast. I initially though this was some form of secret breakfast club or a super club, but it is in fact a restaurant selling affordable and hearty breakfasts of champions. Located in the tourist places such as Soho and London Bridge, alongside places that are slightly out such as Angel and Canary Wharf, me and my cousins dined at the Spitalfields branch. I planned on visiting Spitafields market so it made sense to visit this branch. It's located of a side street tucked away near Liverpool Station, luckily my Google maps was on so it was easier to find. And what made it easier to find, was that I saw a queue forming outside a building and upon closer inspection it was the breakfast club. We were seated in around 15 minutes, which was made bearable as there were plenty of quirkiness inside the restaurant to observe. I don't know whether this is the case for all the restaurants, but I loved the fact that peoples photos, different currencies and also train tickets were plastered over a wall, how unique.
The seating area were fine, wooden tables, mainly a young, hip crowd but there were also families there.
The main show, the menu, I instantly loved. For someone who adores eating rich, but delicious food. The Breakfast and Lunch menu is served to 5pm and some of whats on offer includes: The Full Monty (£10.50), Boston Beans (£8.30), The All American Pancakes (£11.00) and Huevos Rancheros (£11). One thing I realised, well what my cousin mention is that the choices are limited if you do not eat pork  (as she did) or do not eat meat. Luckily (and gladly) I do, but I understand what she is saying.

We ordered a round of drinks,  Elvis Presley Milkshake (£4.50) (because my recipe for Elvis Presley Pancakes was featured in the Guardian, beetroot (£3.50)  and mango juice (£3.50) were ordered by my cousins. The Elvis was what I expected: rich, luxurious, creamy, nutty and full-fat deliciousness. Mmmm.

Trio of drinks.

The Breakfast Club.

BBQ Pulled Porks with Sauteed potatoes. 

BBQ Pulled Pork
The BBQ Pulled Pork was unusual for me, incredibly hearty and perhaps more of a brunch than a breakfast. If I had realised that it would have been so much, I would not have ordered a side dish of sautéed potatoes. On saying this, I liked this, the pork was soft and succulent and the beans were perfect to compliment the porks juices. I'm not sure how or why the poached eggs were included i this dish, I personally do not feel it added much to the dish, although it did look a little prettier. The sautéed potatoes were piping hot, crispy on the outside, soft in the inside and positively additive.

The Full English


If you are after a hip, happening and affordable place in London check out The Breakfast Club.


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