Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Banana, Orange and Mango Smoothie

A bright citrus burst to start the day, may be a contrast to the comforting porridge and Bircher Museli that we enjoy eating over the Autumn/Winter months. But due to my love of all things tropical and that I enjoy drinking a vitamin packed juice for my weekday breakfast. I drank so many varieties of tropical juices when I was in Jamaica recently and thought I would share one of the combinations I ate which you can easily create at home and quite frankly brings a taste of the tropics to an Autumn kitchen. The orange is packed with vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium and potassium, the banana is packed with B6, manganese, vitamin C and potassium and the mango contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K and potassium. Healthy and delicious, I promise you will not be disappointed.



  1. I can see how these flavours go so well together, yummy thanks for sharing, love smoothies!

    Love your blog, following on GFC & G+! Looking forward to seeing the next post! xx


  2. Thank you Sara it is a lovely exotic combination x


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