Saturday, 10 October 2015

Moroccan Lamb Burgers

A non-Jamaican/Caribbean recipe. Yes, it does happen. I don't just feast on all spice, plantain encrusted and pineapple dishes. When I fancy exotic food, but without the heat, I turn to Middle Eastern food and as one of my closest friends who is half Jordanian states "Middle Eastern food is full of flavour but without the heat". I own a handful of Middle Eastern cookbooks, not many and I rarely cook from them, but every now and again I fancy a harissa, tahini and aubergines. Of course, Middle Eastern food is much more than these ingredients and I have added my own Eastern promise in my Moroccan inspired lamb burgers, seasoned with harisa and tahini. A delicious quick and easy and scrumptious evening meal.

Moroccan Lamb Burgers
Serves 4 
500g lamb mince
2 garlic cloves, skin remove and chopped
2 tsp of Moroccan Harissa paste
1tbsp tahini
1 tsp mixed herbs
1 tsp salt
pinch of black pepper
breadcrumbs (made with 2 slices of toasted white bread, finely grated).
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp oil for frying

To Serve 
4 large Brioche Buns
Baba Ganoush 
Salad leaves 

You will need mixing bowl, wooden spoon and griddle pan. 

In a mixing bowl add the lamb mince, garlic cloves, harrisa paste, tahini, salt, black pepper, mixed herbs, egg yolk, breadcrumbs and stir using the wooden spoon until everything is mixed together. Heat the oil in the griddle pan and using your hand form 4 patties - try not to over handle the patties mixture as the burgers can become too tough. Add the patties to the griddle pan and cook for around 5 minutes on each side. Split the burger buns and using a fish slicer place the burgers in the bun and enjoy. Serve with Baba Ganoush.


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