Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wusthof Pairing Knives Review

As a foodie, you can never have enough kitchen cutlery/utensils. I mean never enough, even if you have a small kitchen, there is always new kitchen products that will be happily welcomed in the kitchen. But the essentials, are always particularly welcomed in my kitchen, no more so than knives. You know, the essential kitchen utensil needed to slice meat, chop vegetables and slice bread. 
I actually have a large collection of knives, in part as when I have uprooted and moved to Leicester, then to Wales I brought a new set of knives (as it was a new kitchen and I do like new things) but all my knives are pretty dull in colour, they are all black and it was time for some bright colours. I also had a number of bread knives and meat knives, but I don't have a lot of paring/ trimming knives. Wusthof have a new range of brightly hued knives which would be a welcoming addition to your kitchen. For those that don't know what a pairing knife is, it is a small knife which is ideally used for peeling fruits and vegetables. As someone who loves a hearty, vibrant and fresh fruit salad for mid-week breakfast, I decided on setting out on using my pairing knives to slice a variety of fruits.

I loved the bright colour of the knifes and although they are smaller in size, this does not mean they are small in quality. I loved the sturdiness of the handles and the sharp stainless steel of the blade.  Wusthof have been producing quality  knifes from Solingen, Germany for over 200 years, so you know that they are a reputable brand. The Wusthof 2 piece pairing knife that I received retails at £9.95 and are a reasonable and wise and inexpensive investment for your kitchen.

A quick and easy fruit salad (apologies for the not precise measurements)
1 orange, sliced in segments
1 slice of watermelon, diced
1 fig, sliced
1 pomegranate seeds
fresh mint
drizzle of honey

Slice the fruits and arrange in a breakfast bowl with the fresh mint, and drizzle of honey.

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