Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bordeaux Wines - Review

After a long day at work, particularly towards the end of the week, I enjoy a nice glass of wine. I never have been one to go overboard with my consumption of wine, I know many people would not be able to relate to that, but I love to savour each sip. My wine habits have changed since my teenage years and rightly so, with maturity, knowledge and understanding I have a greater appreciation of wine. Some moons ago (my teenage years), I drank Lambrini - I'm not sure whether that's even considered to be wine and in my early 20's I was a Rose girl and that was from the heat of the Summer, to the cold winter, I loved Rose. With the completion of my Masters degree and my first professional role, I upgraded to Processeco in the Summer. But something weird happened mid-20's, I developed a taste for full bodied red wine. I still love white wine and do have this occasionally, but I love red wine. I'll be honest, I'm not a wine expert and I tend to have my favourite regions i.e France, Spain and Italy. Not yet sold on wines from the "New World". Anyway, back to what intended to write about Bordeaux wines. The lovely people at Bordeaux Wines kindly sent me a couple of their best selling wines to sample, which I happily reviewed.
The Chateau Fonguillon is considered to be a classic, it is a smooth and rich full bodied red wine with a lovely lingering taste of summer berries (more blackberry/blueberries than strawberries) . I loved this wine, it was opulent and velvety and currently retailing at £8 per bottle, this is something you must try.

I paired the Chateau Fonguillon with an equally delightful meal: Citrus Duck legs. Due to tender, rich and succulent citrus duck legs, this paired beautifully with the wine. I think this wine would also pair beautifully with other dark meats (beef, lamb and game), due to the rich complexity of the wine. 

The Chateau Mont-Perat 2012 is a delightful dry white wine.  With each sip, there is a long lingering crisp and fruity taste. I paired the Chateau Mont-Perat with a salted mackerel pilaff dish, the tone of the crisp white wine worked wonderfully with the salted mackerel. I also think the wine would work well with cheese and biscuits, perfect for the Christmas season. 

Many thanks to Bordeaux Wines.


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