Thursday, 31 December 2015

Rum Laced Rocky Road

EAT THIS BEFORE YOU START YOUR NEW YEARS DIET. I almost made a month without posting something chocolate related. Almost, but not quite. This time of year, our home is filled with rum, dark and white, all hailing from Jamaica (as we used the Havana Club rum some time ok), alongside other over indulgent food goodies. I often want a quick chocolate and alcohol hit, but do not fancy anything cakey. This is where no-bakes come in, because you can quickly create an over indulgent chocolate treat that is quick to prepare and even quicker to eat. The rum gives this rocky road a warmth and additional depth, for me, this makes rocky road ridiculously addictive. I struggled to stick to one square and I'm sure you will too. 

100g soft butter
100g milk chocolate, broken into pieces
3tbsp dark rum
300g chocolate digestives
2 tbsp milk
80g marshmellows 
3 tbsp golden caster sugar
50g dried apricots

Melt the butter and milk chocolate in the microwave in a 30 second blast, add the rum. Put the chocolate digestives in a freezer bat, bash the biscuits with a rolling pin - you want a combination of biscuit pieces and crumbs. 
Fold the biscuits in the butter-chocolate mixture, add the milk marshmallows, sugar and dried apricots.
Tip into a lined baking tin, flatten with a wooden spoon, leave to set for at least 1.5 hours. 

Enjoy and have a wonderful New Year.


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