Sunday, 17 January 2016

Pear and Date Bircher Muesli

I go through breakfast phases. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, where I go through cycles of regularly eating the same thing for breakfast. I'm kinda over the avocado on toast cycle (but I'm sure it will make a reappearance in the near future), I recently upgraded to callaloo, the wild form of Spinach grown in Jamaica  on toast. The breakfast phase which I enjoyed before the avo on toast phase, was the smoothies and juice phase. I think because of the summer fruits readily available, I quickly became very fond of this breakfast. But back to my latest breakfast phase, the Bircher Museli, created by the swiss doctor Dr Bircher - Benner for his patients as part of their therapy treatment. I have been topping my version of bircher muesli with the seasonal pear and dates with a drizzle of honey which is the perfect get up and go. I quite enjoy the soft, juicy and sweet texture of the pear, contrasted with the sticky dates.

Pear and Date Bircher Muesli.
Serves 1 
40 g porridge oats
1 tsp seasame seeds
120ml semi-skimmed milk
1tbsp apple juice
1 pear, stalks removed and sliced into bite-size pieces
5 dates, pitted
1 tbsp runny honey.

The night before, place the oats and sesame seeds in a cereal bowl, pour over the milk and apple juice, mix well. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge. The next day, remove the stalks from the pears and slice into bite-size pieces. Slice the dates and top the oats with the pears and dates. Drizzle the honey over the fruits and enjoy.


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