Sunday, 24 January 2016

Pink Clove Plus Harmony Printed Plunge Scarf Neck Maxi Dress

I discovered Pink Clove fashion brand by following other plus size bloggers on Instragram, who praised the brand for their affordable, fashionable and wide range of plus size clothes. I'm learning a lot more about the plus size community, which, on the whole, is a thriving and supportive community. I'm not too sure whether many would consider me to be plus size, I hover between a 14-16 depending upon diet (although more often than not  I'm a 16)  and can shop in "mainstream" and specialist shops high street shops.

I decided to treat myself to several items during the Christmas sale, this, 70's inspired printed maxi dress is one of them. As Pink Clove sizing starts at 16, that's the size I went for. Featuring a alluring plunge and trendy neckline, these simple touches compliment the printed colourful dress. I purposely brought this for a Bali inspired wedding and as seen in the photos I continued with the beach/boho look with a floral headband and chandelier earrings.

The dress is true to size, I would go so far to say it's a large 16, very roomy and the arms fit perfectly (I have big arms). My only thing which would need further consideration is the length, the model wearing the dress is 5'10. I'm 5'9 and I found the dress too long. I was reluctant to alter or send the dress back and wore it with gladiator sandals, which worked for me, but if you are shorter you are likely to be tripping over this. This dress is still in the sale and is retailing for the absolute bargain price of £14, which is half the recommended retail price.



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