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Spring/Summer 2016 Cookbooks I am looking forward to.

Happy 2016. You know, I love cookbooks. A couple of cookery books purchased in 2010 has now evolved into almost 150 books ranging from cuisine, authors, sizes and age (I like some of the cookbooks from the 90's). I count myself lucky that I am regularly able to treat myself to new cookbooks and also receive a few in the purpose of reviewing from publishes, although storage space is quickly running out. If I want inspiration, say from Lebanon or Syria, I have cookbooks that take me there. It's unlikely I will be going to these countries (the latter country for obvious reasons), but then again I don't necessarily have to as a cookbook can become much more than a list of recipes. Talented food writers can take me to their place of heritage, tell me about their family rituals and also why their recipes are important. And you don't have to share recipes for far flung places, the healthy eating/vegan/clean eating cook book trend can share with the reader how wonderful said healthy ingredient is and why - (or whatever the latest trend is), for example. There are a number of cookbooks which I'm looking forward to this Spring/Summer, all offers something different and I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes once I get my hands on these books.

In her debut cookbook Yasmin, a British Iranian shares recipes from her travelling throughout Iran. Collecting recipes from Iranian homes, stories and weaving them into, what I am sure will be a wonderful recipe book. I follow (like with all the below authors) Yasmin on Twitter and can't wait to try her Rosewater and Pomegranate cake.

Elly Pear's Fast Days Feast Days: Eat Well. Feel Great. All Week Long Elly Curshen. The popular Instrgram foodie Elly Curshen, owner of The Pear Cafe is releasing her debut cookbook in April a celebration of recipes from her following 5:2 diet. According to her Instragram and info on the publishers website, the recipes will feature of course recipes from the 5:2 diet but also will be influenced from world foods with an eye on your local green grocers. 

Chicken and Rice: Fresh and Easy Southeast Asian Recipes From A London Kitchen (£20)- Shu Han Lee. I only discovered Shu Han Lee in December 2014 via Twitter, then her blog. I loved the look of her easily accessible South Eastern recipes on her blog and having a quick tour and seeing her mouthwatering photos, I am intrigued to see the end result in her cookbook. I rarely cook Chinese/South Eastern recipes at home out of fear of not doing it right, but I will be facing this culinary delights next year.

NINA: Capri - Nina Parker. (£25) I have Nina's first book "Nina St Tropez: Recipes From The South of France" sharing recipes from her childhood in St Tropez. Her recipes are uncomplicated, flavoursome and shot on location, so it's almost like I am there as I flip through the pages. In her second book, Nina focuses on recipes from Capri (also my dream wedding destination), which i'm sure will be exotic and mouthwatering.

As The Romans Do: Authentic and Reinvented Recipes From The Eternal City- (£20.16) Eleanora Galasso. I do have a couple of Italian books, mainly from Gino d'accampo, others that I picked up earlier on in my cooking journey. This book intrigues me, as having visited Rome and was slightly underwhelmed of the food (bar the gelato), I'm intrigued to eat, as Eleanora says "as the Romans do". My former housemate in my student days was Italian and I knew he ate the most delicious looking forward, so I want to recreate this at home. Also recipes such as sea bass carpaccio with peaches and rocket salad for lunch, sounds, well, heavenly.

Symmetry breakfast: Cook-Love-Share - (£14.42) You can count on Micheal Zee, the Instragram sensation (with other half a million followers) to get you hungry as he posts his daily breakfast photos for him and his partner. His breakfast dishes are utterly inspiring, whilst others are chomping on bircher muesli, green juice or avocado on toast (guilty, guilty, guilty), he is half way around the world with the most mouthwatering breakfast imaginable. As a lover of breakfast, I am incredibly excited for the books release in August.

The A-Z of Eating: A Flavour Map for the Adventurous Cook (£25) I enjoy reading Guardian columnist Felicity Cloake "How to cook the perfect" series over at The Guardian, where she makes and compares recipes from a particular dish and then makes her own perfect version. I must admit that I do not have any of her cookbooks but this cook, where she shares 26 favourite ingredients and culinary themes, looks to be the ideal book for the adventurous cook. Recipes that will be included are: Roquefort and honey cheesecake with walnut and pear and roast duck with miso caramel. Impress your guests with these wonderful flavour combinations.

All the above books are available to pre-order now and prices are at the time of this post. Go-on treat yourself, I have :-) x




  1. Repeats to self "no more cookery books" ;))I'm trying to be good with my budget this year, so I look forward to reading your reviews when you get these - love the sound of the Saffron Tales
    Sheila R @CakeReev

  2. Definitely, I feel the same way. I tend to treat myself after pay-day so I don't feel guilty. I agree Saffron Tales sounds intriguing x


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