Saturday, 7 May 2016

Calisto Tagine Review

I visited the majestic city of Marrakesh in February and for someone who loves food and lots of it, there was an array of beautiful crockery which I had to take home with me. I brought a colourful tagine, multi-coloured and reminded me of the beautiful tiles that was everywhere. After I brought it, I asked the man whether it could go in the oven, he replied "decoration". I was gutted and didn't have the heart to return the tagine, so I was left with a tagine that was for decoration only. 
So, when the lovely people at Harbour Living shared their new beautiful Calisto collection with influences from Morrocco, I had to road test one of their products. There are is a large range of beautiful items from the Calisto collection such as the pitcher, mini bowls and platter plates, all available in black glaze or white glaze and I decided to road test their tagine.
With the tagine being the most associated cooking utensil with Morrocco, it was only appropriate that I rustled up some delicious dishes in their stylish white glazed Terracotta tagine (RRP £41.49. They also reminded me of the tagines that I saw on when I ate with locals ..........
 What I'm also impressed with is that the Calisto collection is that tagine is oven proof and can stand the heat up to180c whilst also holding up to 1.5 litres. If I was to have friends over and have a get together, I would definitely use this tagine, its beautiful enough to be a show stopper on the table. But what about every day cooking? I tested this out mid week to make a chicken and prune tagine. 
Here are the positives that I found from my road-test:

  • High quality tagine, feels superior compared to tagines that I have seen in well-known supermarkets.
  • Beautiful and stylish finish.
  • The tagine is quite deep so that it can contain a large amount of the delicious dish that you are cooking.
  • The tagine can go straight from oven to table.
  • My preference, the white  glazed finish is perfect for the Spring/Summer months and the black finish for the Autumn/Winter months. 

  • The only thing that I would say is that you will need to lower your oven shelf to the very bottom as the tagine is quite large. 
Disclaimer: The Calisto tagine was sent to me for review purposes, as always all views are my own. 

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