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Pickled Cookbook Review & Giveaway

Pickling and Fermenting is a foodie trend that is taking the world by storm. Anyone who is anyone in the foodie world has tried or made a recipe for kimichi, the old art preserving method of fermenting is more popular than ever. Unlike some of the foodie trends that have come and gone, I think this is to stay. I adore making pickles and chutneys, but this book goes beyond that. Containing a number of pickles, sauces and vinegars, there is also a selection of recipes to use all the pickles and sauces that you have made. I think this is where the author, Freddie Janssen, owner of FAT sauces and head of marketing at renowned restaurant Lyles shines.
If you are novice to picking and fermenting (me the latter) there's a handy guide in this book. So far, I've made three recipes: rosemary pickled plums, kimichi and kimichi & stilton grilled sandwich, the latter which I have made twice now.

 This cookery book is split into the following chapters:
  • Pickles: recipes include cucumber dill pickles, szehuan pickled watermelon, rosemary pickled plums and bang mi pickles.
  • Fermentations: recipes include NYC Deli Pickles, Proper Kraut, Kimichi and FAT Sesame Kimchi.
  • Sauces: stand out recipes include: FAT Kimichi Hot Sauce and DIY Sriacha.
  • The Recipes: recipes to try include: The Ultimate Meatball Sandwich, Dan Dan Noodles, Kimichi & Stilton Grilled Sandwich  and Green Tomato, Mustard and Pork Belly Bun. 
  • Drinks: recipes include Rhubarb & Jamine Water Keifr, Ginger Beer and Tepache-ilada. 

Recipe for Kimichi & Stilton Griled Sandwich 
Makes 2 sandwiches
softened butter, for spreading
4 slices of good-quality white bread
3 tablespoons F.A.T seasme kimichi (or use one of the many kimichi recipes found online)
2 tablespoons good-quality Stilton 
2 good handfuls of good-quality, grated cheddar cheese.

Spread the butter on one each slice of bread, and don't be shy. If using a toast maker, put 2 slices of bread, butter side facing down, on to the grill.
If you don't have a toast maker, heat a large, heavy-based pan over medium heat. Put 2 slices of bread butter side facing down, in the pan.
Now add the toppings in this order: kimichi, spring onions, Stilton and cheddar. Top the sandwiches with your remaining sliced of bread, butter side facing up. 
If using a toast maker, press down hard so things don't start falling out, and toast until done. If using a pan, put a sheet of foil or baking paper on top of the sandwiches followed by a casserole dish (the weight of the casserole will press the sandwich down). Fry over medium to low heat, until golden on one side, then flip over and repeat with the other side. When ready, the cease should be melted and the toast golden brown. 

The lovely people at Hardie Grant are giving one lucky reader a copy of Pickled. To be in with a chance, follow the below instructions.
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  1. I haven't pickled anything before but I love eating pickled cabbage :)

  2. I've done pickling before but would love to try other veg like radish etc

  3. I have never actually tried to pickle anything, I have to be honest...but i do enjoy all sorts of pickled foods....Recently tried kimchi, and didn't expect to enjoy it but i did. I have a thing for pickled cauliflower and gherkins...gherkins rock!

  4. I hve only ever pickled onions and eggs.

  5. I love pickling dill pickles

  6. I pickle eggs,gherkins and beetroot but the pickled eggs are especially nice with a ploughmans lunch.

  7. I love kimchi but have never even thought about making it!

  8. I make Kimchi, various pickled veg with spices.

  9. Onions are good! I've never done too much of this, but this cookbook would change that.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  10. I've only pickled cucumbers, but really want to try pickling some cabbage.

  11. I like pickled onions and beetroot.

  12. Beetroot is the only thing i can grow

  13. I like pickling onions and beetroot :) I keep meaning to try pickling cabbage, but not got round to it yet!

  14. Onions, so easy and so nice with a bit of bread and cheese

  15. I love to grow beetroot because it is so easy and a great way to preserve is pickling - but i suggest never use a good pan - it stains red xx

  16. I pickle onions, come in handy for bartering

  17. My mum makes a lovely piccalilli with vegetables from her allotment. I have been saving jars to start making it myself x

  18. Szechuan pickled watermelon or bourbon chili pickles! Yum!

  19. Kimchi, i made once or twice, bit smelly while it ferments but very delicious as a side dip with rice and so healthy!

  20. I like pickled vegetables and pickled dill cucumbers. I also enjoy kimchi, but I've never tried making it. I live close to New Malden, where there is a very large Korean population. There are a number of groceries where you can buy various types of kimchi and other Korean foods, so we often pick up some kimchi when we are out food shopping.

  21. Pickled onions, red cabbage and eggs


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