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Pasta Infographic

Everyone loves pasta, the Italian classic and what's not to love about pasta. Versatile, economical and delicious, pasta is a firm favourite in British kitchen. But did you know there are so many different varieties there, much more than the favourites such as spaghetti, taglitelle and fussili. The lovely people at Jamie's Italian have created an infographic which shows the different types of pasta and their origin. 

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Stuffed pasta that's similar to ravioli but made with just one piece of pasta that's folded in half. This pasta originating Piedmont. 

Small rings of pasta that's mostly used in soups and broths. Apparently it was inspired by African women the Italian military met during WW1. This pasta originates in Siciliy

Long, thick spaghetti-like pasta that's traditionally made with buckwheat flour and duck eggs. This pasta originates from Veneto. 

Pasta that's shaped to resemble a bell-like flower. With a hallow centre it is perfect for capturing sauce, this pasta is usually served in a thick sauce and originates from Puglila. 

Cylindrical pasta stuffed with a filling usually spinach and ricotta or mince. The pasta's popularity took off after Second World War. This pasta originates from Naples.

A relative of tortellini but more elongated and with a different stuffing. It's usually served as a first course at Christmas in northern Italy, this pasta is from Modena

Stuffed pasta that's similar to cannelloni but shaped like a sweet. Caramelle is often served on festive days or as part of Sunday lunch. Caramelle originates from Parma.

Small pasta shells that look like miniature hot dog buns, originating from Puglia.

Large coins of pasta, decorated with a wooden tool. The pattern also helps the pasta hold on to sauce. The pasta originates from Liguria. 

Cuscussu pasta originates from Sicily and is a pasta which is made by sprinkling water on to a bed of semolina which is stirred until tiny balls of flour are formed. 

The popular bow tie pasta originates from Lombardy and is made from a rectangular sheet that's pinched in the middle and trimmed at the ends with pinking scissors. 

Shaped like a corkscrew and originating from Molise is usually served in a vegetable sauce or seafood. 

Egg-based pasta formed by rolling a flat square into a tube and originates from Romagna. 

A popular pasta, these soft doughy balls originates from the Middle East and is made from semolina, flour, egg and potato. 

My favourite Italian pasta, originates from Naples and when layered with sauces and other ingredients makes the famous lasagne. 

My sister's favour, these smooth cylindrical pasta originates from Campania. 

Little square parcels made by pressing two thin layers of fresh pasta together with a filling in the middle, originating from north eastern Italy.

The most popular pasta in the world, the spaghetti consists of all pasta consumption. The famous spaghetti originates from Sicily. 

Originating from Emilia-Romagana, tagliatelle are long flat ribbons of pasta which is thought to have created by a court chef who was inspired by Lucrezia d' Este's hair.

Also originating from Emilia Romagna, this pasta is usually stuffed with meat or cheese. 

In collaboration with Jamie's Italian. 

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