Thursday, 1 March 2018

What happens to your body during a cleanse

What Happens to Your Body with Organo Gold's Cleansing?
Ever felt slightly unwell or run down from an upset tummy? Of course you have. When you are feeling unwell due to a stomach bug, it's your body's way of trying rapidly cleanse your body of substances. It may not feel comfortable at the time, but the after affects are definitely worth it. 
Organo Gold has helped millions of people provide a subtle, critical cleansing. Let me tell you more about this process. After a busy and hectic day you want to cleanse your body, whether this is a 
a refreshing shower or a long soak in the bath - I know that I do. After a relaxing shower or soak in the bath, you probably will cream your skin, take the time out to put some deodorant on and brush your teeth. All these tasks bring about a great renewal feeling to your mind and your body. 

After that shower, you head to dinner and decide that you would enjoy a warm cup of Organo Gold Mocha coffee. While you drink it, the Organo Gold coffee is going to subtly work to cleanse and refresh the inside of your body. But where do the bodily wastes go? It is not as easy as washing them down the drain. They must exit the body, and they do so through your skin, the excretory process, or even through the mucous membranes.  It may sound yucky, but it's true. 

After drinking Organo Gold, your hair might become a bit more oily than it normally feels. Your skin may excrete a bit more sweat or oils than the norm. You may experience minor bouts of loose stool. And your sinuses may subject you to an extra few tissues. But do not let these effects alarm you! The product is simply seeking to wash out the wastes from your body and is moving them out of your system. This is why after you've had that shower, brushed your teeth with Organo Gold toothpaste, and enjoyed a cup of Organo Gold coffee, you should not be alarmed by any of the above cleansing reactions that your body might exhibit. 

Over time, you will find that your body reacts in a more subtle manner to the ongoing cleansing process and you likely start seeing smaller reactions from your body. This is because your system will adapt over time and get to the point where it has only the daily "marauders" to evict. 

We hope this makes sense. After all, you don't expect your shower water to be clear and sparkling after your shower, do you?

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Organo Gold. 

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